Private swimming lessons

In these private lessons the students are individually looked after by the swimming teacher and encouraged.

Group lessons - maximum 2 people

In twos there is even more fun and the learning success is guaranteed by the individual care.

Group lessons to a maximum of four

For advanced swim students there are also group swimming lessons which will improve stamina and technique.  The group dynamic is a major motivation factor for the achievement of common or individual goals.

Intensive swimming courses

The swimming lessons are offered in weekly courses during the holidays through special advertising. Advanced learning progress is achieved by everyday practice in the water.

Intensive crawl technical-courses

These courses are advertised for the week-ends or according to the arrangement and take up at least half a day. The purpose of this is to learn to crawl or to improve the personal swimming style.

Swimming lessons in the public or private indoor swimming pool

This offer is directed at hotel guests, inhabitants of property who share a common pool and people who possess their own swimming-pool. These private swimming lessons are carried out in your own pool and are tuned to the individual’s needs.